Best Wire Stripping Machines to Buy!

Ramblings / Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Best Wire Stripping Machines in 2017there are many devices that are used to take the rubber or plastic coating off wires. Some of these devices have hasslefree operation mode for stripping wires. Wire stripping machines are available in two major types today. You can use them to strip off the electrical insulation from wires in an manual way all automatically. Below provided use of the top 10 best wire stripping machines in 2017 based on a number of features and criteria. You would have to choose the best stripping machine for your own use that is reliable and durable.



The CopperMine Manual Crank

the Coppermine manual crank is a wire stripping machine that is drill operated. You can use it to remove coating from all kinds of wires. The manual crank can be used to recycle the scrapped copper. It comes equipped with a way to clamp that is adjustable and that can make it difficult for thing or soft wires to escape the blades. This wire stripping machine is lightweight and easy to carry around the worksite. The manual crank is pretty flexible and can be used to stick wires in different positions. Clampett to the corner of the bench or you can post it and have your assistant hold one end of it.

Large Wire Handwheel For STRiPiNATOR ® MWS-808 Wire Stripper By BLUEROCK Tools

the large wire handwheel for stripping Ater and WS – 808 wire stripper is manufactured by blue rock tools. This wire stripping machine is of the highest quality and a reputable product from the company. The design and construction of this machine is very sturdy and this allows you to cut wires and get the copper pretty easily. The blades of this wire stripping machine are pretty sharp and they performed exceptionally well. The copper but these stripped ease recycle in an efficient way. If you would like to have an affordable wire stripping machine that is reliable and of great quality you should certainly consider this one.


the NWS – 800 A.D. stimulator is a top-of-the-line machine for stripping wires. The quality is unrivaled. It’s also very popular among customers. You have mine cutting blades and denying channels cutters which together work to give you excellent performance when it comes to stripping wires. It is also pretty flexible and comes with a spring loaded mechanism. This feature is very useful because it’s increases the durability and prolongs the blade life. This is a great deal for anyone person who is looking for an affordable and high quality wire stripping machine.

Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine

the manual copper wire stripping machine can be used to strip cables and to scrapped copper recycling. Use this machine to remove the jackets from the copper by pulling the copper wire through in one stroke. This machine is it an excellent performer and works in a quick and fast way. This us that would get with this machine are unmatched. The wires gets straightened and aligned effectively. This is what makes these wire stripping machine an ideal solution even for kinked or tangled wires that have yet to be stripped.

WL-100 Manual Wire Stripping Machine Copper Stripper

WL – 100 manual wire stripping machine copper stripper is another great device that comes from rock. You can use this machine to strip wires and recycle the copper that you scrapped from them. This is a high quality wire stripper that is designed for durability and to make the process easy and effortless. The maintenance of this machine is also pretty easy to do. You can strip wires that are of different sizes using the manual adjusters and the blade that come on this wire stripper. By adjusting the wind cannot of the blade you can probably cut wires of any size. The extra blades that come with this wire stripping machine are there for you to use whenever you need them.

Powered Wire Stripping Machine Motorized Stripper Copper

the power wire stripping machine motorized stripper copper is a top-of-the-line wire stripper. We have decided to include this machine among the top 10 best wire stripping machines in 2017 because of the features it boasts. After you make your purchase you will get a free blade as part of the package. The machine is easily adjustable and comes equipped with removable blades. You can buy it right away from Amazon.

Hardin WS-1270 Wire Stripper

The Harding WS – 1270 wire stripper is a great device that you can use to remove the coating from cables and wires. The copper that you get can be then recycled. With this machine you can see wires from 24 AWG to seven or 8 inches in width. To mount this wire stripping machine to your workspace corner, or to bolt it to your work bench top the process is pretty simple. As part of the package of this machine, you will get all the tools and accessories that you need to get started stripping wires. Most of the customers that bought these wire stripper reported that satisfaction and are happy about that choice. They say that it can strip wires with various lands plants and the process is some however Chris. It can be used for wires regardless of their lands. It’s one of the most affordable wire stripping machines on the market today.

CWS-47030 Copper Wire Stripper – Standard power drill operated, Strips 14-4/0 AWG wire

the CWS – 47,030 copper wire stripper is a standard and drill operated wire stripper. This machine has a frame that is made of Palomino for durability. It’s a high quality product that you can use to strip wires of various sizes and lengths. The blade is one of the hardest and of great quality. You can use it to straighten braided liars and solid course. The steel blade is reliable and can get the job done. It is also to maintain and you can do to sharpen your blade easily.

StripMeister Automatic Stripping Machine

the state meister automatic stripping machine is another high quality wire stripping machine. You can buy it from Amazon today at a great price. This machine has a structure that is sturdy and solid and undependable. Made across grade aluminum alloy, you can be sure that this machine is durable and reliable. The five axis CNC milling technology of the stripper allows it to function effectively. The design and look of this wire stripper is great and so is its functionality. Among other things this machine supports multilayer wire stripping and it can save you a third of your time. The automatic processing and built-in promax adapter are two notable features to consider when you buy this wire stripping machine today from Amazon.

The Portable Machine For Stripping Wires

this portable wire stripping machine is designed with portability in mind. As far as weight is concerned it is one of the lightest. You can use this handy machine anywhere you want and carry it around without much hassle. Use it to remove insulation from wires whether they are damaged or scrapped wires. It can also be easily connected to a workbench to make the process easy and more efficient. Made of carbon steel the blaze of this machine are of the highest quality and can be used to strip wires a variety of sizes and lengths.