So, what is high definition TV? Well, to put it simply, it is the transmission and reception of an audio & video signal so clear and detailed, that it will change the way we watch television, forever.

On June 12, 2009, high definition television, or HDTV for short became the official broadcast standard for the United States of America. It was on this very day that analog broadcasting, which had provided our TVs with so much programming for 68 years, was literally switched off.

This switchover was so monumental and involved so many changes that even the advisory board that governs television broadcast technology was replaced. The National television Standards Committee or NTSC which ushered analog TV into our homes 68 years ago has passed the torch to the Advanced Television Systems Committee or ATSC, to usher in all digital broadcast signals from now on.

So what do you need to enjoy HDTV?

Well first and foremost, a High definition TV , the most important ingredient. Here other things to consider, depending on how you receive your programming now.

In order to receive a signal, you will need a High definition tuner , which, depending on your provider could be a High definition box from your cable company, or high definition satellite receivers if you get programming from a satellite provider.

If you get programming for free with an over-the-air antenna, then depending on your TV, you will need one or more of the following:

High definition TV antenna

High definition tuner

If your TV is an HDTV , then you already have a tuner built in and you will need a high definition TV antenna in order to receive a signal.

One of the greatest things about HDTV is that, like the analog television before it, it’s free! Enjoy a bigger, wider picture, more colors, more clarity, Digital surround sound, and more!

To record HDTV broadcasts, you wiil need a high definition video recorder.

A high definition dvr , a high definition dvd recorder , or a blu ray recorder are just a few of the available options that are making their way into home theater systems around the world. Click on the many links to learn more so when someone asks you, What is high definition TV? You will know!